A matter of taste

10443327_10203714730204398_390753597738197966_nSo you see me pouring some wine, nothing unusual about that. I do that often, we like our crushed grapes. There has been a progressive development in our tastes over the last three decades. There was a time when clean skins at $2-50 a bottle was all we could afford. Red and white clean skins from our local bottle shop were placed in pride positions on the shelving.

We never experienced a bad bottle of wine, during that time. What we did do, was enjoy the benefit of drinkable wines with our dinner. So even until this day, we purchase a few bottles to have with our midweek meals. Thus saving the better labels for weekend meals and social drinks.

She who must be obeyed, has a strong liking of straight Merlot, whereas myself my palate has a much broader range of reds. My particular choice of the moment is the Bin 2 Penfold Shiraz Mataro, it has a nice robust earthy bouquet, which is to my liking.

We, on a whim, bought a Pepper Tree Merlot 2013 estate grown, which proved to be a huge hit.13320905_10206522554158242_7015679454710797047_o It had a a surprisingly bold peppery taste that lingered on well after the meal was completed. She who must be obeyed in fact was raving about it and insisted we buy a dozen. It was a fabulous companion to the Bistecca alla Fiorentina.







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